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Need a new resume or want some interview coaching? I can help.

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A good resume can be hard to find; just ask any recruiter or hiring manager thumbing through stacks of them. To stand apart from the crowd in today's competitive employment market, you must submit a document that makes an immediate impression. In fact, a well-crafted resume is your most effective tool for landing an interview and, ultimately, a new job.

According to quite a few studies, recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing an individual resume. What does that tell you? That if you're a job-seeker, it's incredibly important to make those few seconds count. Stand out and get the attention, promotion, salary, and recognition you deserve.

I help you by writing a resume that will make it past the 6 seconds with a recruiter or HR person. Your new resume will sell you and make you stand out from your competition. In order to do that your resume must highlight three key elements: your strengths, skills, and achievements and I focus on all three.

My pricing includes (1) complimentary 30 min comprehensive strategy session to discuss your career goals, achievements, and to thoroughly review and successfully market the new resume.

If you cannot articulate what you want, or if you can't figure out how to get there, or if you don't know what makes you stand out and different, then you need my help.

Lets set up your free 30 min consultation - go directly to my calendar and pick the time that works best for you: https://calendly.com/vimariroman

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