Gianfilippo V.

Viale Liegi, 32, Roma, RM, Italia

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Go Project is made up of a multidisciplinary team, and that is why it is always able to fulfil clients’ communication needs comprehensively.
Software development unit: with high-end skills in the most advanced coding technologies;
Each project must be quantified. Go Project works to satisfy its clients. A team dedicated to technology and development, able to support clients in their strategic choices, geared to search for innovative products and solutions. Go Project goes through a checklist with the client, verifying all the strategic goals set and supporting the client through its technological expertise. This approach to development allows us to obtain quantifiable and scalable results.
Communications unit: with transversal skills across all digital communications.
At the heart of Go Project’s method there is always strategic thinking, guiding all communication choices. The communications unit brings together skills from various communication areas: from graphic design to marketing, from front end development to social media management.
The synergy between these two sides enables us to create effective communications tools.
One of Go Project’s core strengths is project management. We coordinate a network of specialists, covering all areas required by clients: from specialist software programming to audio-visual, from installations to large-format printing, to institutional events.

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