Trust and transparency are what we value the most

Our main priority is creating a safe marketplace for all of our users - customers and professionals alike. We are always growing, evolving and obsessing over every detail of the experience to create an environment that promotes trust and confidence between our customers and professionals. Freedom to do, trust, and connect.

General tips

The majority of Freedo users are trustworthy and well-meaning, but always take the same precautions online as you would offline.

  • Don’t automatically choose the pro with the lowest price. Examine the pro’s profile to see experiences, past work, pictures, reviews, and info to help you pick the right one for the job.
  • Take your time, ask as many questions as you need.
  • Reviews can give important info on what previous customers thought about the pro.
  • Check credentials.
  • Provide plenty of info & be clear about what you expect (e.g. show pictures, designs, style, etc).
  • Always ask if the job includes additional fees.
  • Depending on the task, ask for a written contract.
  • Keep copies of your records and payments

Potential warning signs

  • Asking to work remotely by email or over the phone when not necessary.
  • Inability or refusal to meet face-to-face.
  • Asks you to wire funds (e.g. Western Union) or other wire services.
  • Asks for personal information (bank account, social security, PayPal account, etc).

A few tips to avoid scams

  • Be cautious with cashier/certified checks or money orders. They could be fake and then you will be held responsible.
  • Be careful of certifications and guarantees.
  • Transactions are between users no third part provides a “guarantee”.
  • Never give out your financial information.

Freedo is not involved in:

  • Finalizing transactions
  • Handling payments
  • Guaranteeing transactions
  • Providing escrow services
  • “Customer protection” or “ Certification of professionals” programs

If you are defrauded by someone you met in person, contact your local police department. In case of an emergency, call 911 or find the assistance line you need in your service area.

If you come across anything suspicions on our platform, please let us know support@freedo.app.

Messaging tips

For best results respond to messages as soon as you can. Top professionals typically respond within an hour, and sometimes within seconds.

If you change your mind about a service a simple "Thanks, but I changed my mind" is in good manners.

If someone doesn't respond to your message, they may not have seen it yet, or they may no longer be interested. But guess what It's OK Freedo has many more people ready to engage with you. But it’s always kind to let them know if your plans change.

Safety tip: Never share your account & personal information. Sometimes people will "phish" for your personal information, to try to steal your online identity. The people you want to do business with will meet you at safe locations, without demanding additional information.

About the credential system

Completing the credentials helps us to ensure the reliability of our growing community. Since we believe that anonymity can compromise its reliability, we recommend completing all of them to become a verified user.


  • Phone number verified
  • Email verified
  • Profile picture uploaded
  • ID verification completed

We will display a current status bar and once all credentials are completed we will display a verified user badge next to your name. This process increases the sense of trust in doing business with you increasing your rate of success.

Completing this process isn’t an endorsement of any professional, a guarantee of someone’s identity, or an assurance that interacting with them will be safe. Always use your own best judgment, and follow our safety tips.

Reporting a user or a listing

Pros and Customers can be reported through the chat by clicking the report option, also listing can be reported if deemed inappropriate or if they breach Freedo’s rules, through the report option found on the listing.

Who do I contact in case of an emergency or report an accident or safety incident?

In case of an emergency, call 911 or find the assistance line you need in your service area.

For all non-emergencies, contact us at support@freedo.app.