1. How do I sign up as a Pro?

To become a pro on Freedo you have different options:

If you are already registered as a customer, select “become a pro” on your profile settings.

For new registrations:

  • From mobile, download the Freedo app.
  • From the website, select Sign-up as a pro.

2. How to build a strong profile?

In order to build a strong and appealing profile. We recommend the following:

  1.  A clear profile picture
  2. Verify your email
  3. Complete all the credentials to earn a gold badge
  4. Be accurate on your listings
  5. Always be professional with customers

3. How do listings work?

Under the listing tab you will find your listings and it is also where you will be able to manage them. The listings have 3 possible status: Active, Hidden and Expired.

If you offer more than one service, you have the option to create a new listing and click "Import listing from": This option lets you import all the information from an already existing listing to a new one. Without the need to fill in all the data again, you will only need to select the service and save it.

Listings have a set lifecycle and expire every 90 days. This is to prevent inactive listings on the platform. Listings have to be renewed in order to stay active. You can manually renew for free. Or we offer an auto-renew option at a small cost. You also have the option to pause a listing if you feel you need a break from that service. The listing will be hidden until you activate it again.

Create a Listing

  • Category – this is the service your offering and where your listing will show up on the search tab.
  • Price – you can choose between 4 price types: Total price, price range, hourly rate, or contact for price.
  • Service info – In this box is where you can put all the information about the service.
  • Photos – Here you can upload pictures related to your service to enhance your listing.
  • Where – The location of the service offered. Select the visibility you want to give to your listing with the listing range (up to 50 miles). Also, you can decide if to show your listing on the map view. By checking Show on Maps, your locations will be included in the map-based searches on Freedo. If you do not check Show on Maps, your posting will not be searchable in maps.

Important: Your listings won't be visible to you when you search within your customer account.

4. About the credential system

Completing the credentials helps us to ensure the reliability of our growing community. Since we believe that anonymity can compromise its reliability, we recommend completing all of them to become a verified user.


  • Phone number verified
  • Email verified
  • Social account linked
  • ID verification completed

We will display an icon on your profile based on your met credentials. This process increases the sense of trust in doing business with you increasing your rate of success.

White: 1/4 credentials met

Bronze: 2/4 credentials met

Silver: 3/4 credentials met

Gold: 4/4 credentials met

5. How does the Inbox work?

Here is where the general discussion will take place. It’s also the place where the customer will decide if to hire. In the top menu you will find the following options (they vary based on the status of the job and if you're a pro or a customer): hire, unmark as hired, report, review, archive, show details.

Archived – Once the job is completed you can archive the chat. So all your history will display under this tab. Also, in order to have the job count towards the number of hires you will need to archive the chat. Once the conversation is archived it is considered closed you won't be able to interact anymore. It will be available for view only.

6. What are credits for?

We use a Credit system for professionals. This system is used by pros to buy extra perks.

You can use credits to set the auto-renew for your listings. Auto-renew for a single listing costs 1 credit When activated we automatically deduct 1 credit to renew the listing automatically at every expiration (90d).

Credits can be bought under your PRO profile tab.