1. Will I be notified if the customer cancels the job?

If a customer cancels a job that you have been selected for, you will receive a notification.

2. Am I responsible for bringing my own supplies and equipment?

It is important that you make sure to agree to terms before accepting a job to avoid misunderstandings. In most cases, customers will supply the necessary parts and materials to complete a service, but you will need to bring any necessary tools. Also, it depends on the type of service. Remember to always be professional to increase your chances for future hires.

3. How do I know when I am hired for a job?

When someone wants to hire you for a job you will receive a notification of hire, and you will be able to see it in the chat.

4. How do I see my upcoming jobs?

You can find the upcoming jobs under Inbox by selecting the “Hired” tab. Here you will find all the jobs you’ve been hired for.

5. How do I cancel my job if I am unable to make it?

If you need to cancel a job we suggest you contact the customer immediately and make him aware of the situation. After, you can simply cancel a job by clicking “unmark as hired” under the options tab in the chat with the customer.

6. How do I know that I am safe on a customer's property? 

We trust that you use your best judgment for every situation. If you feel that the working condition or situation is unsafe, please cancel the service and leave the area immediately. Let us know the situation and we will investigate.

7. Reporting a user or a listing

Pros and Customers can be reported through the chat by clicking the report option, also listing can be reported if deemed inappropriate or if they breach Freedo’s rules, through the report option found on the listing.