1. How do I report a problem with my pro or job?

The first step is to try and resolve the issue with the pro, and for most cases, it works. If you can’t resolve the issue then please contact us at support@freedo.app.

2. How do I submit a complaint?

You can always report something through the settings menu. Or if you want to email us directly to support@freedo.app.

3. What if I'm not satisfied with the job?

You can let the Pro know if your expectations weren't met so they have the chance to exceed them. If you don't agree that the job was done according to its description, please contact us within 24 hours with as much information and photos you have.

4. How can I trust a pro?

Always check the pros profile, reviews, information and pictures very carefully. Take your time to talk to the pro ask as many questions as you need. Also, we have a credential system for pros so we can offer customers a higher level of safety. For more information check the safety page section: About the credential system.

5. Reporting a user or a listing

Pros and Customers can be reported through the chat by clicking the report option, also listing can be reported if deemed inappropriate or if they breach Freedo’s rules, through the report option found on the listing.